Happy Wedding Anniversary!

J and I get to spend our 7th year anniversary flying over the Pacific, but we’ll make sure the day doesn’t end with a ‘DUD’ by hitting the Shilin night market as soon as we land in the evening.  I’ve already told mom and dad to take a nap during the day, because it’s going to be a loooooong night!  We’ll have to make sure dad can find the place, as he, who’s lived in Taiwan for decades, managed to ‘miss it’ during my last visit to Taiwan in ’07.  We ended up ‘off market’ (like ‘off broadway’ or ‘off the strip’ in Vegas).  Imagine my disappointment when I saw the HUGE neon sign ‘士林夜市’ on our way home as we turned the corner from where dad had parked.  Major fail!

Happy 8th anniversary M&V!
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4 Responses to Happy Wedding Anniversary!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Happy aniversary! We'll be celebrating by torturing the cats with a car ride and packing

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thanks and happy anniversary! Does it feel as long for you guys as it does for us? 🙂

  3. Happy Anniversary! Can we go to the same night market when I am there?

  4. Juin says:

    Happy Anniversary to all 4 of you!

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