Newport Beach

Here are some pictures J took of Newport Beach.  Looks better than NYC beaches, but far from the white sands in the Caribbean or Asia Pacific.  Hey, sure beats no beach here in AZ.  However, the sad part is whether we live close to the beach or not, I probably won’t be dipping my toes in for fear of infectious microorganisms such as E. coli and V. vulnificus (oh and don’t forget trichloroethylene).  This is the curse of knowing too much.  Sometimes ignorance is truly bliss. Which is better, to be knowledgeable but fearful or oblivious but happy?

Photo sent via J’s phone.  Don’t you just love technology?  In my opinion, I think technology is dumbing us down, but that’s really neither here nor there.
Surprisingly enough J actually took a decent picture.  Must be the phone…
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