I Love Costco

I’m sure J doesn’t necessarily love the fact that I love Costco.  Especially now that he doesn’t have ‘immediate veto power’.  In my defense, I did call him before I pressed the ‘Check Out’ button, but only got his voicemail.  Plus, I didn’t really buy anything for myself.  I got a TV so that when mom and dad come to stay they’ll have something else to watch besides the internet.  Our old 19″ TV’s been broken for the last 1.5 years (I remember because the last time I watched anything on the tube was when they announce that Michael Jackson had died), and J & I haven’t watched any TV since.  Even when we’re staying at a hotel, we never turn on the TV because we no longer have the desire to.  

Hannspree is a Taiwanese brand, but I’ll bet it’s made in China because how else can you get a 32″ for under $300 (taxes and delivery included)?  I don’t really know much about specs, resolution, or even how big 32″ is, but as long as the reviews are good, I’m sold.
$269.99 after $30 OFF  Hannspree  32" LCD Widescreen HDTV

Now you see why I love Costco?  
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2 Responses to I Love Costco

  1. L.Y. says:

    That's what he gets for not picking up the phone.

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