Why Men Need Women

Or at least ‘Why J needs me’.  For a very intelligent and capable guy, when it comes to packing J just can’t seem to focus.  He’s like a kid with ADD, going from one task to another and not able to complete anything.  Case in point, I’ve pack the first box for him, written down everything I’ve packed in Box 1, and taped it to the box so he’ll know what’s in it.  And what’s he doing?  Sharpening his cooking knife.  Uhh…you can do that in CA!?!  As I’m packing Box 2 with all of his clothes, he takes down his suits and starts dusting them off, then he proceeds to hang the suits right back from where he took them down from.  Then he disappears doing god knows what.  Finally, I had to tell him, “Go pack your shoes.”  It’s a good thing I’ll be going to CA with him this weekend, otherwise he’ll probably be living out of boxes for the foreseeable future.

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2 Responses to Why Men Need Women

  1. hahhaha i hate packing and unpacking! i wait to the very last minute and like to do random things too.

  2. L.Y. says:

    Must be the genes…

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