In order to get ready for J’s new job, we spent most of today running errands and shopping for J’s new wardrobe.  Much to his chagrin, J now has to wear suits and ties to work.  In the past few years he’s gotten away with khakis and casual collared shirts, and more recently, sandals, shorts, and T-shirts.  I could imagine the dismay when he read the dress code policy, and I couldn’t stop chuckling today while we were shopping.  Personally, I think he looks hot in suits, and told him that he’ll be getting ties as gifts from now on for all holidays.

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4 Responses to Shopping

  1. hahahah that's so gross. i can't believe you just said that he looks hot (even in suits). what is he doing that he needs to wear suits to work? so odd. i would hate it too if i were him.

  2. L.Y. says:

    He'll be working for a huge company so they're more conservative/traditional in that sense. (Why would I be married to him if I didn't think he was hot?)

  3. Anonymous says:

    R. and I just got a laugh out of A's comment and your response! Both funny!- S.Y.

  4. L.Y. says:

    Admittedly it would have been awkward had A agreed that J's hot…

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