My Stump

Went to see the podiatrist today.  He wasn’t too concerned about a fracture, but still went ahead and took xrays of the foot, which showed no fractures.  I saw the xrays and thought to myself, ‘Wow, what a young-looking foot.  The joint spaces look so nice and smooth.’  Nothing like what I’m used to seeing where the joint spaces are all eroded with spurs sticking out all over the place.  

Since cubinoid syndrome is a relatively unknown entity and often under diagnosed, I briefly brought up that subject.  That got him to attempt the cubinoid whipp (after looking it up first) on the foot.
Finally, he decided what I had was peroneal tendinitis, and was the result of me trying to compensate for the achilles tendinitis.  So the solution was to tape my arch.

I walked out the office with this, which J lovingly called it my ‘stump’.

I’m supposed to leave this on for 3-4 days.  How am I supposed to shower without getting it wet?!?
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2 Responses to My Stump

  1. plastic bag. your legs and feet look dark! geez.

  2. L.Y. says:

    Yeah, your brother said the same thing…after I had already gotten it wet. Needless to say, the tape has already come off.The leg looks darker because of the shadow, but they've gotten really dark from all the running.

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