Miracle Tape?

So I’ve been taping my heel for less than a week now, and I can say that the heel is finally feeling better.  However, it’s hard to determine if it’s better because of the tape or a result of a combination of all the changes I’ve made.  

  • I started taping the heel last Saturday, and I could still feel mild discomfort all throughout my Sunday run.  
  • Took Monday off, went to yoga and regretted it because right after class I could feel the pain intensify.  
  • Skipped my Fartlek session Tuesday and ran an easy 5 on a flat course in my stability shoes.  Still felt a twinge throughout the run.  
  • Wednesday was another rest day, ditched yoga, and contemplated dropping out of the race due to the intermittent pain throughout the day.  I figured the sensible thing to do was to just stop, but then again when are marathon runners ever sensible.  So I re-taped the heel that night 
  • Hit the road Thursday morning switching out the Tempo run for another easy run.  The pain started, but lasted for only 6 minutes and DISAPPEARED!  It felt so good that I did 8 miles, and even at an 8-min/mile pace the pain never came back, and stayed away for the rest of the day

J suggested I skip this Saturday’s run, but if the pain continues to stay away Friday, then I ain’t skipping nothing and gonna buy me some more of those tape!

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1 Response to Miracle Tape?

  1. Juin says:

    oh dear. i hope you won't need surgery. You are one stubborn chick.

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