Got My Tape

USPS delivered my tape!  I love my mail man, except when he delivers bills.

Let’s see if this thing really works.
Not the most flattering, but it’s a running badge of honor; kind of like how we runners view black toes.

Due to ‘overwhelming’ recommendation to try yoga, I will get back into it to stretch out the muscles.  However, looking back I know the achilles problem started last year during yoga class when I was jumping from plank pose to forward fold, and it just became progressively bothersome.
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3 Responses to Got My Tape

  1. I've heard varying opinions of KT Tape from both users of it and the people who recommend it (or don't). I'll be interested to hear your opinion of it, but I hope it works wonders and gets you back out to pounding the ground.

  2. L.Y. says:

    I sure hope it works wonders too, and I'll let you know after a few more weeks.

  3. Juin says:

    Sounds like you pushed yourself in yoga :), which no one should be doing. It's about stretching not about competition (with yourself or with others in the room) or pride. I'm going to find you the article about yoga and better running time. that person's just slow–she was probably slower before she started yoga :)! Be Careful!!

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