It’s Not About The Car

During our trip to SF, one of my best friends let on that she had bought a BMW to drive the kids to school.  Some of you may know that J & I are relatively frugal, and we make a very clear distinction between ‘needs’ and ‘wants’.  Hence naturally…

J: Why would you need a BMW?
Friend: Everyone else is driving Mercedes, I don’t want the other kids to make fun of [my kids].

This got me thinking about my childhood.  When we were growing up, we lived in the smallest house in the community, and dad drove the crappiest car, while everyone drove luxury cars.  However, he always taught us “It’s not about the car”, and to take pride in who we are and not by what we have.  Admittedly, there were times I would be ashamed of dad’s little beat up car, but childishly I would beam with pride whenever he would pass those bulky Mercedes on the winding and hilly way home.  Dad inadvertently taught me self confidence and to feel secure and comfortable in my own skin without resorting to material goods to determine my self worth.  Unfortunately, my dear friend missed this very valuable teachable moment for her kids when she got caught up in the keeping-up-with-the-Joneses game.

I still have a picture of dad’s dinky car caught speeding by a photo radar.  Brings back fond memories…
So, dad if you haven’t disconnected your internet connection and are still reading this…Thanks for not missing that teachable moment.
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2 Responses to It’s Not About The Car

  1. i should be proud of my 1991 honda civic that was rusty and old too! = ) hahahahaha at least it took me from point a to point b. no complaints here.

  2. L.Y. says:

    Yeah, my dad was actually proud to drive around junk cars. You should have seen his last one, it was a moving hazard. I couldn't take it any more so we got him a brand new one, more for safety reasons.

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