San Francisco Day 2.5

OK, this was a short trip as we didn’t even get to spend 3 whole days in SF.  We took the 8 AM ferry from Sausalito to catch our 1PM flight back to Tucson.  Since we had 2 hours to kill in SF we made a bee-line to Chinatown again, as Boccalone wasn’t open that time of day.  J was looking for some Vietnamese beef stew (yes, for breakfast), but none were open until 10AM.  So we settled for the first decent place we came across, which we found out later was a huge mistake.

Washington Bakery & Restaurant – a bakery in the front and a restaurant in the back.
J had the 皮蛋瘦肉粥 with 油條
and some tasty 牛暔車仔麵 for me.  

Since I didn’t know what kind of noodles 車仔麵 were, I asked the lady:
Me: What kind of noodles are these?
Lady {looking at me indignantly}: They’re noodles.
Me: But what kind?
Lady {with a deadpan look}: Noodles.
Me: {OK, you win}


After breakfast, J wanted to sit around because he was carrying the pack, but I wanted to check out the city.
J: You want to sit in the park?
Me: Why?
J: There are Chinese people in the park?
Me: What’s the big deal about Chinese people?  I see your Chinese face everyday.  I want Chinese food.

As we walked on, we started to realize our mistake for settling for the first restaurant we stumbled upon.  Should have had this…
And this

The place was crowded and got us wondering why.  We had actually walked on after debating whether to bring some back with us to Tucson.  After crossing the street, I had this nagging feeling that we were missing something good, so we doubled back, and were we glad we did.  

By the time J got the goods, the line was out the door…
(can you find Waldo?)
We somehow missed this little ‘accolade’ during our first pass.

We didn’t actually get to taste anything until we landed in Phoenix.  The 鹹水角(2), 叉燒飽(2), and 糯米雞(1) were ginormous and absolutely delicious, and only costed $4.20 for all five.  This place is even better than Hop Sing in NYC Chinatown which has since closed, thanks to greedy landlords.  Wish we had gotten more, and we’ll definitely hit the place again if we’re ever back visiting SF or have some time in between flight transfers in SF.

View towards the water from Nob Hill
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2 Responses to San Francisco Day 2.5

  1. 車仔麵, is actually a cart that sold noodles and the different pickings you want with your noodles. you can pick any kind of noodles from their selection, along with whatever accompaniments, soups and sauces. That lady is rude! maybe she just didn't understand you too. Hong Kong Station in NYC is what 車仔麵 is suppose to be like.

  2. L.Y. says:

    Thanks for explaining that. So technically it's a misnomer on their part.The sad thing is that I wasn't even surprised by her attitude, as most servers in Chinatown are like that.

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