San Francisco Day 2

Woke up Sunday morning for my progression run.  Since I knew heading south from the hotel would bring me up against some steep hills, we headed north not knowing what to expect, but hoped for the best.  Luckily, the course wasn’t as punishing, and I was pleasantly surprised by the Bay Trail dedicated to runners and cyclists.  

One interesting thing I noticed about the runners in Sausalito is that they don’t make eye contact with you, much less say ‘Good morning’.  Here in Oro Valley, we acknowledge one another and offer a ‘good morning’ or ‘have a nice day’ no matter how out of breath one is.  Another sign I’ve been in Tucson for too long – I’ve actually become accustomed to courteousness, and find big city folks awkwardly self-absorbed like how I used to be back in NYC.

Later we all headed out to brunch with the wedding party.  Unfortunately, M&D had already left earlier that morning due to some ‘interesting planning’ (long story).  Afterwards, we dropped F off in the city, then J and I headed out to San Ramon to see aunt Lily, who was in surprisingly good spirits considering the circumstances.  It was something she said during the visit that made J and me realize we needed to change our diet, eat less meat and more fresh foods.  That said, we had hotpot with P&D in San Mateo for dinner for the last harrah.

小肥羊, ‘The Little Fat Sheep’.  J thought it was 小飛羊, ‘The Little Flying Sheep’ thanks to his unparalleled Mandarin.  We had this once in Hong Kong a few years ago, and thanks to a cold, everything tasted bland to me at the time.
The soup base with the non spicy and spicy halves.  Yummy!
The goodies.  We later decided that we had ordered too much, and I had had too much meat.  No worries, my new diet starts after the trip.
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