Casa Madrona

While in Sausalito we stayed at the Casa Madrona, and quite honestly for the price we paid, it was totally not worth it.  We only stayed here because the bride and groom got a special rate for the guests, which the hotel never honored.  I think the hotel is under renovation because there is no entrance to the lobby, nor lobby for that matter.  You need to climb a set of stairs, go down a hallway, and turn into a largish ‘room’ to check in. 

We got room 471, which was a ‘loft’.  A very strange setup if you ask me.
The large bed is upstairs in a very small ‘balcony’.

Looking down at the sitting area from the balcony.

Sitting area with pipes in the room.  I can understand pipes in the middle of a loft apartment, but this is a hotel room for crying out loud.  It’s just unsightly.

Bathroom was bigger than the sleeping area.
Looking out to the sleeping area from the bathroom.
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