Five Guys Burgers and Fries

Tucson has finally decided to join the rest of the civilized world.  We now have a Five Guys Burgers and Fries that just opened this week.  J & I have actually never had their burgers, but with all the hype we decided to check it out today.  As expected there was a line, however, the line wasn’t nearly as long as when In-N-Out opened their first store here in Tucson in 2007 (the Tucson opening broke company records of most burgers sold in one day and in one week).  

Fuzzy picture, taken by J.  To give him credit though, this was snapped from a moving car.

In line, waiting to order.
I wonder if the stacks of ingredients, separating the line and the dining area, are part of the decor or a sign that the restaurant’s not completely renovated…
Finally some food.  I had the regular burger with everything on it, while J had the bacon cheeseburger with the works, and we shared a small order of cajun fries.

So what’s the verdict?  The burger is very juicy and on par with Carl’s Jr, another West coast burger joint.  I’d say if you want a greasy burger then Five Guys is better than In-N-Out.  INO’s burger tastes ‘cleaner’ and fresher.  Five Guys fries were quite a disappointment after hearing everyone rave about the fries.  You know who makes the best fries in the world?  McDonald’s!  

Five Guys does have the best $5 burger, Carl’s Jr has the best $4 and $6 burger (their trademark Six Dollar Burger actually costs under $4), and INO has the best $3 burger…

So what would be the ideal burger meal for me?  
1. Carl’s Jr Six Dollar burger
2. McDonald’s fries
3. In-N-Out’s vanilla shake
4. J picking up the tab
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3 Responses to Five Guys Burgers and Fries

  1. Juin says:

    Didn't they make the top 5 or top 10 best burgers list??

  2. Juin says:

    Oh yes I agree with you on the fries.

  3. L.Y. says:

    They beat out INO this year and took the top spot for Burgers.McDonald's fries RULE!

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