Running Lessons (viewer discretion advised)

When you spend hours on the road running, you tend to reflect and learn a lot about yourself.  Some good (feeling healthier & stronger now  than you’ve ever felt when you were in your 20s), some bad (struggling to crest that hill), and some just plain disturbing (realizing you’re in fact a Republican).  
Last year I found out Xood and Gu don’t ‘gel’ with me after a few disastrous runs fraught with GI debacles.  So I’ve set out to find ones that do work, and have been lucky to come across Nuun for hydration (recommended by Coach Joe English) and Clif Shot Bloks for carb replacement.

REI had a labor day sale, so I stocked up on all my ‘foods’.
High in sodium and mildly flavored, these don’t leave a sweet after taste like the other sports drinks.  Drop a tablet into your water and they’ll fizz like Alka seltzer.  If you’re like me and love agua con gas, you’ll enjoy this.
As for the Clif Shot Bloks, my personal favorite is the cola flavor, but J found out through his brother’s girlfriend that for whatever reason they’ve discontinued that flavor (N.B., the person who decided to pull the plug on the cola flavor is now on my hit list).  
I’ve had to settle with black cherry, because that’s the only other one that contains 50mg of caffeine.  I will never go back to gels after having run with the bloks.  These are not messy and less sweet when compared to the gels.  No more running with sticky fingers, and trying to breath through thick molasses (though the bloks may present as choking hazards if you don’t chew well).
WARNING: If you don’t want to be grossed out, STOP READING RIGHT NOW.  Otherwise, continue at your own peril, and don’t blame me for not warning you…
One very interesting thing that I’ve learned about myself through all this running is that my left foot is slightly bigger than my right.  For the last 36 years, I’ve always thought they were the exact same size.  Apparently not.  My right toenails have never been bruised; but my left toenails are constantly in various stages of bruising as they keep jambing up against the inside of the shoe.  As of last week, the 3rd toenail has fallen off…
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2 Responses to Running Lessons (viewer discretion advised)

  1. I tried nuun for a while, and it was ok, but I didn't think it was any better for me than plain water. I have no idea how people can chew/suck and run at the same time. I tried it and almost choked myself to death.Your toe isn't gross at all. If you were on Facebook you could have seen the pics from a "worst blister" contest. That was gross. :-)My right thigh is slightly bigger around than my left one. It inhibits me from wearing some pairs of shorts. Bodies are weird…

  2. L.Y. says:

    After the San Diego race I was convinced I was low on sodium; that's how I got started on Nuun. Then I got hooked on the carbonation. One of the things that I've learned from all this running is how to run & eat, and stay alive during the process. Thanks for making me not feel so ugly. I guess runners are more tolerant of mangled feet. I had to put up the warning otherwise I'd undoubtedly receive some protesting comments from the easily squeamished.What kind of shorts can't accommodate unequal thigh circumference?

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