In One Ear…Out The Other

Since I didn’t get to go back to NYC this year, I had asked J to take some pictures of people and places.

{Before leaving for NYC}
Me: Honey, I packed the camera for you.  Make sure you take pictures to bring back.
J: Why do you want me to take pictures?
Me: So I can see what everyone looks like.
J: OK.

{A few days after arriving in NYC}
Me: Have you taken any pictures?
J: Oh, I forgot.
Me: Well make sure you bring the camera with you to the barbeque today.
J: OK.

{After work yesterday}
Me {all excited}: Ooh, let me see the pictures.
J: Oh, I didn’t take any.
Me: How come?
J: I keep forgetting to bring the camera, but I did take some with my phone.
Me: Let me see…

All I see are fuzzy images of restaurant interior, the backsides of people, or of his friend’s head bent over a bowel of noodles.

Me: Your pictures are not very flattering.
J: They’re not meant to flatter.  They’re supposed to tell a story.
Me: {Yeah, a fuzzy story…}

Luckily for him, he didn’t forget to pick up the marinated duck wings for me.  Otherwise, I can’t see him easily redeeming himself in the near future.
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6 Responses to In One Ear…Out The Other

  1. hahahahaha. men! see, you know why solitude is best?

  2. L.Y. says:

    It's too late for solitude for me. The way I see it is if it doesn't kill you, it can only make you stronger.

  3. Juin says:

    duck wings? didn't realize people eat them. interesting…do they taste like chicken wings, but only bigger?

  4. they don't taste like chicken wings. they're actually chewier and not as meaty as chicken wings.

  5. Daffy says:

    Duck wings are the best! Everyone I know loves them!

  6. L.Y. says:

    Funny how this comment thread got hijacked by duck wings…

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