I’ve come to the realization that the dogs are out to get me.  If it’s not Mocha, then it’s Truffalo.  We’re not quite done with all of Mocha’s cancer treatment, and what does Truffalo decide to do?  He thought it would be fun to stick his nose onto a cactus.  In the process of struggling to get it off, he managed to get 2 thorns on his tongue.  Luck has it, J’s in NYC and there’s no way I can remove anything without help.  So it’s back to the vet, with a different dog.  The kid ended up having to be sedated to have that very last thorn removed from his tongue, and I had to take the day off to keep an eye on him.  If they keep up with this charade, they’re going to end up bankrupting us…

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5 Responses to Nemeses

  1. Juin says:

    That's Truffalo?? He looks so sweet and innocent in the pic. Like a puppy. Look on the bright side–they're cheaper than having kids 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    Nemesis…. look it up Mrs. SAT

  3. L.Y. says:

    That's his puppy picture…J has the laptop with all their more recent pics. True, at least I don't have to send them to Harvard.Nemeses is plural, Mr. 1360.

  4. Juin says:

    Hey when are you coming to Boston??

  5. L.Y. says:

    Hopefully in 2012 for the Boston Marathon…

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