Labor Day Weekend Marathon

If you have time to watch any kdrama, here’s one you should not miss…

King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo

It’s been a long time since I’ve cried so much from watching a kdrama, but trust me it’s not one of those sappy “the-protagonist-ends-up-with-some-strange-cancer-after-he/she-is-reunited- with-his/her-lover”.  
There are a total of 30 episodes, and each episode is an hour long.  So far I’ve plowed through 18 episodes in the last 3 days (keep in mind Friday was a work day), and I’m hoping to get through all 26 that are currently available before work on Tuesday.  Thank goodness J’s in NY, and the parent have left for CA; I feel like I’ve grown roots into the computer chair.  I just realized that aside from my 12-mile run this morning, I’ve been in front of the computer all day (no nap, and eating all three meals in the study).
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3 Responses to Labor Day Weekend Marathon

  1. Juin says:

    haha. great way to relax. I'll have to tell my mom. Where can she find it? i thought you and Joe were going to n. cal for a wedding?

  2. well… at least you got up to get your meals to eat in the study.

  3. L.Y. says:

    Juin, have your mom go to this website're going to SF in a few weeks.A, and I also walked the dogs.

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