Eternal Child

The funny thing about parents is that no matter how old you get, they’ll always look at you as if you’re still 5.  Usually after a run, the first thing I go for is some ice cold watermelon or watermelon juice to quench the thirst, all the while with sweat pouring down the face.

Mom: Did you wash your face?
Me: No.
Mom: You should wash your face first.
Me: Yes mother.

Recently I made the mistake of telling her that the sunscreen mixed with sweat was dripping into, and irritating my eyes.

Mom: You shouldn’t wear sunscreen to go run.
Me: So when should I wear it? {This obviously was a rhetorical question}
Mom: Put it on after you come back.
Me: …

The scary thing is even a 5-year old could tell you that logic is flawed.  
Maybe she thinks I’m 2…
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2 Responses to Eternal Child

  1. hahahahahahahahahhahahahahaha. are you rude like me? i usually just end up telling mom she's crazy and ignore her.

  2. L.Y. says:

    I usually just stay quiet and let my dad point out to her why she makes no sense 🙂

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