This one’s for you over there in Asia.  I’ll bet it’s difficult to find decent pizza where you are…

Magpie’s (short for Magnificent Pie): the best ‘American’ pizza in Tucson.  I would say it’s the 3rd best after Vero Amore, which serves neopolitan pizza, and Grimaldi’s, your NY style pizza.
The ‘Magpie’ pie: Italian sausage, pepperoni, mushroom, and the usual stuff on a pizza pie.  A bit doughy.  Kind of reminds me of Domino’s, which is a compliment because I admit I LOVE Domino’s (most ‘pizza elitists’ would call me a blasphemer for saying that; I know because I live with one).
Texture close up…
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2 Responses to Magpies

  1. ewwww… i don't like dominoes. i prefer pizza hut. which we have here. they also have california pizza kitchen here. i was craving pizza! it is hard to find good pizza here. = 1.

  2. L.Y. says:

    That's the problem with Asia…no good NYC pizza!

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