Need To Go On A Diet

{Last night}
J: Honey, are you losing weight?
{This is J’s way of saying: Honey, it doesn’t look to me like you’re losing weight, are you eating too much?}

The truth is when dinner is waiting on the table for you everyday after work, it’s hard not to eat too much.  Normally, J and I would be eating cereal or whatever we can find after work, but since the parents have been here we’ve been eating regular meals.  It also doesn’t help that we’ve been going out more often to eat on weekends since they’ve been here.

Famous Dave’s, originated in Minnesota, is known for excellent BBQ…
The 1/2 All American Festival: Brisket, ribs, chicken, corn bread, fries, corn, beans with bacon, and cole slaw served on a garbage lid.  This serving is meant for a party of 2-3, but it was enough for this family of 4.

Truffalo was just put on a diet as he was gaining weight from all the peanut butter and ice cream his grandpa was giving him.  I will need to follow suit before running starts becoming a chore while carrying all those extra pounds.
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