Fourth Canyon Trip

OK, this is my 4th Grand Canyon Trip in 4 years.  Most Arizonans born and raised here haven’t even set foot there once.  Call me an GC addict, but the truth is the only thing here in AZ that’s worth seeing is the Grand Canyon.  So where do you bring visitors when they come?  The Grand Canyon of course.  I finally got a chance to bring (read: abduct) the parents to the canyon.  Since it was a last minute trip, I couldn’t get any hotel rooms near the park, so we had to make it a day trip.  

Since the passage of SB 1070, there have been calls to boycott travels to AZ.  However, from what we saw at the park yesterday, there certainly are no signs of a boycott.  The place was packed!  We saw license plates from the the usual ‘suspects’ (CA, UT, CO, NV, NM), as well as the far out states (NY, NJ, MD, NC, FL).  Then along the trail you hear all different languages spoken: English with a British accent, English with a Scottish accent, English with an Irish accent, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Chinese.  What boycott?  What recession?

I usually tailor the hike according to the company and time of year.  J & I have hiked various distances between rim and river in a day depending on who was with us at the time.  Since I was with my parents, I decided not to go very far.  Our initial plan was to hike down to the 1.5 mile point where the first rest house is.  This usually takes about 45 minutes to get to.  However, we never made it there.  We ended up stopping after 20 minutes for a lunch break.

Easy going down the Bright Angel Trail…
Not so much coming back up.  Luckily we hadn’t pushed further, because mom had to rest after 5 minutes of uphill climb.  It took us 30 minutes to get back up to the rim.  I must say for a couple of 65 year olds, they did better than some who were younger than they were.
The view up the canyon from our lunch spot.
The view across the canyon from the lunch spot.
The view from Powell’s Point along the rim.  How can one not keep coming back to this place?  I’m trying to convince J to do a ‘rim-to-rim-to-rim’ (from south rim to north rim and back to south rim) hike on our next trip to the canyon.

Unfortunately for J, he had to work yesterday.  However, he did ask us to pick up a pie from the Rock Springs Cafe.  Leave it to J to constantly be on the look out for good food.

This place has been around since 1918 serving as a trading outpost between Prescott and Phoenix.  
The Tennessee lemon pie…very buttery and mildly tart.
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