Cooking For The Dog

After her surgery Mocha’s been placed on a soft food diet.  We thought we’d go get a pack of canned food at Costco and be done with it, but no…that apparently wasn’t good enough for Mocha.  She’d sniff and walk away.  

Kirkland brand usually doesn’t disappoint, but this one couldn’t measure up.  Maybe the dog has a more refined palate than we do…
As the picky eater continued to lose weight, we gave in to buying more delectable dog food…
Looks just like airplane food…

Needless to say, Mocha didn’t need any cajoling to wolf down her meal.  So I said to J, “Hey, maybe you can make beef stew for Mocha?” and surprisingly enough he agreed (this is the same person who said, “No way!” when I had suggested he cook for the dogs years ago).

Now there’s a pot of beef stew simmering on the stove for Mocha.

Sorry Truff, since you’re not as picky you get to finish all of the Kirkland canned food…
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6 Responses to Cooking For The Dog

  1. it's not too fatty for her?

  2. L.Y. says:

    We got lean cut meat for her. I joke with J, a CIA graduate cooks for humans, and a FCI graduate cooks for dogs : )

  3. hahahahahhaah. thats great.

  4. Juin says:

    she deserves nothing but the yummiest!

  5. i remember J saying the dog will eat when it's hungry. Let the dog wait. What happened?

  6. L.Y. says:

    She started to lose too much weight, and the vet go concerned, so he broke down…

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