The Queen Is Home

Mocha seems to be doing well, and if you didn’t look closely you wouldn’t even know she had surgery.  When the doctors explained that they would need to use the inner lining of her lip to close off the resected portion of the maxilla, they said to expect the lower canine to stick out of the lip, which would make her look vicious.

Either the surgeon has great techniques or Mocha had a lot of lip to go around, because nothing is really sticking out.  Although you can tell that part of her lip is ‘tucked up’.
Compared to left side…
Subtle difference…
The right lip puffs in and out when she breathes.
For now, she’s a little sedate after the initial excitement of coming home has worn off, and she doesn’t seem to be that interested in the canned food (Truff ended up polishing up the food left in the bowl).  We’ll have to keep an eye her for the next few days.
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3 Responses to The Queen Is Home

  1. hope u feel better soon mocha!

  2. L.Y. says:

    She better feel better with all the ice cream we're giving her with her medications…

  3. Juin says:

    poor baby 😦

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