Post Op

Got a call from Mocha’s surgeon a few hours ago.  Mocha’s doing well post op, and probably in ‘la-la land’ thanks to her MLK drip (i.e., morphine, lidocaine, and ketamine).  She’ll stay overnight at the hospital, and depending on how she does tonight, I’ll be able to pick her up tomorrow after work.  For the next month, she’ll be on soft canned food, which I’m sure there will be no protests from her (and Truffalo, since we have to feed them both the same food to prevent the ‘green-eyed monster’ from starting another fight).  There will also be no ball playing and rough housing for the next month to prevent the sutures from coming apart.  

Luckily, Mocha got a chance to play frisbee for the last 2 days.  The frisbee never left her side ever since her ‘grandpa’ pulled the frisbee out of his luggage.
Reason why J refuses to get her frisbees is because she destroys them in no time.
Mocha focused on the frisbee; Truff in the back, hoping to get a head start.  Can you guess who the smarter one is now?

I was told that Truffalo had been by the door all day waiting for Mocha.  I can’t imagine what’ll happen when Mocha does leave us for good.  Mom had suggested getting another dog before Mocha dies so that Truff can bond with the new dog in the interim.  I’m not so sure that idea will go over well with J…
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2 Responses to Post Op

  1. wehhhh! that's a sad thought!

  2. L.Y. says:

    Reality stinks sometimes…

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