80° + 50% Humidity

This is what awaited me when I ran out the door at 5 this morning.  How do you expect me to run under these conditions?  I’m OK with 80° with 0% humidity or 50° with 100% humidity, but 80 & 50 was too much.  During my run I had so many tortured thoughts going through my head…

“Good thing the clouds are blocking the sun…These cursed clouds, what’s the use if they’re only going to raise the humidity without producing any rain…I could really use some ice cold water…I wish I had washboard abs like J, so I could take my shirt off right now.  Instead I have this jiggly mess…I really should slow down my pace, but that’ll be 太丟臉了…”  By the time I got home 50 minutes later, I felt as though I had just traversed the Sahara.
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