Summer Running

It’s tough running during the summer time.  The temp is already in the 80s by 6AM when we head out the door.  Then on weekends I can’t even sleep in; on Sundays I have to wake up even earlier than the weekdays, because in order for me to finish my long runs by 7AM I have to start my runs between 5 – 5:30AM.  So far my pace hasn’t suffered, but I know I’m working harder at that pace.  

Official training starts in 2 weeks, so I’ve just been maintaining my 25+ mile weekly base these past few weeks.  I’ve had to retired my NB 903 after this morning’s run because I started getting ankle and knee pains.  

Luckily my NB 1063 will be arriving in a few days.
New Balance1063
I had decided against getting the stability shoes because when I had tried it on at the NB store a few weeks ago, I could feel the medial post against my arch.  It was uncomfortable, so I’ve decided to stick with the neutral cushioning shoes.
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