The ‘Tail’ Of Two Dogs

We had always thought Mocha was the smartest dog in the world.  That is until we got Truffalo.  Compared to Truffalo, Mocha seems like a duller blade.  Though age-related declining eyesight and hearing may be playing a role.

A ‘tail’ of selective hearing loss: We would often need to cue Mocha more than twice before she knows it’s OK to start eating.  However, we’re not quite sure she’s really hard of hearing, because her ears will perk up when you whisper ‘f-r-i-s-b-e-e’ (which she’s hoping that her grandfather will surprise her with when he comes in 3 weeks…wink, wink).
A ‘tail’ of non-selective eating: This one never needs reminding when it comes to food.  He’s learned to position himself by the chef’s feet, because he knows food will often mysteriously ‘fall out of the sky’.  He also knows something yummy has dropped to the floor when he hears “啊呀”, and all you see is a blur of tan fur charging at whatever is on the floor.
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