Killing Us One Double Down At A Time

Lately I’ve been running out of things to talk about on this blog, but luckily the brother-in-law introduced me to Friendly’s grilled cheese burgermelt.  

Does this remind anyone of the KFC’s Double Down sandwich?

Unfortunately, the grilled cheese burger melt just doesn’t quite do it for me.  First of all, Wonder bread doesn’t belong in a burger.  Wonder bread has one role and one role only, and that is to wrap itself around PB&J.  Secondly, how is this an ‘improvement’ over a regular burger with 2 slices of cheese between the buns.  It’s essentially the same thing, just more carbs.  Now bring your attention to the toothpick in the burgermelt.  Any sandwich that requires a toothpick to keep it together means there isn’t enough fat to gel the individual components together; and what makes food yummy boys and girls?  That’s right…FAT!  Finally, look at the KFC Double Down sandwich.  Do you see anything in that sandwich that takes the shape or form of a vegetable or fruit?  I don’t.  Now that’s a tasty looking sandwich.
My suggestion to Friendly’s?  Get rid of the bread, lettuce, tomato, and American singles.  Grab 2 beef patties, glue it together using melted brie, wrap the whole thing in bacon strips (as my brother-in-law had once suggested), and serve it with a statin of your choice (for peace of mind).

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    3 Responses to Killing Us One Double Down At A Time

    1. that is ridunkulous! i do like grilled cheese with wonder bread though and peanut butter and banana. no pb&j for me though. never liked them never will.

    2. L.Y. says:

      PB and banana in between Wonder bread..did your brothers feed you that when you were young?

    3. no. i only discovered peanut butter and banana sandwich when i went away for school! pb is from elementary school for school lunch and it was crap. i refused to eat it then and i refuse to eat it now!

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