Running Crazy

The general population looks at marathoners as a crazy bunch to begin with, “why would you pay money to torture yourself?”  Then you have the certifiably insane ones who would email the race director of an upcoming race (in six months) at 2 in the morning inquiring about the race course, and whether there will by any changes to this year’s course.  OCD much? However, in my defense, I was being ‘proactive’.  Since I really want to qualify for Boston this year, I needed to maximize my chances.  Last year’s Tucson race was run on a ‘slower’ course compared to the 2008 course, according to those who have run both years.  I just wanted to know, if this year is going to be just as slow, then maybe I should instead run CIM, which has consistently been a fast course.  So I emailed the race director, Pam Reed, who surprisingly responded that she’s working on getting the 2008 course back, and suggested that there’s good chance that it may happen!  Let’s hope that it’ll happen because this will save us $800 (hotel, airfare, and kennel fees) by not having to run CIM.

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