Se San Diego

While in San Diego we decided to stay at Se San Diego, and it almost turned into a disaster.  I had read on TripAdvisor that the pool/lounge area could get loud, but I wasn’t prepared for how loud the music could get.  As soon as I stepped into our room on the 8th floor, I could hear the music drift up and feel the bass from the 4th floor where the pool and lounge are located.  Immediately I thought, “NO!  How am I supposed to get a good night’s sleep before the race.”  So I went downstairs hoping that I could get a quieter room.  Mind you, I’m not one to ever complain no matter how bad the room is; but I couldn’t risk not being able to sleep before the race.  I was told that there was only one other room available, and guess where it was?  That’s right, on the 4th floor next to the lounge.  Ultimately, I had to settle for a pair of ear plugs to help get me through the night.  The music was so loud at one point, that someone had called the cops on the hotel.

Light fixture in the lobby
Hotel entrance
The best part of the hotel – the incredibly comfy bed, which came in handy after the race.
As you can see, the room itself was cramped.
Fitness room was well equipped
The pool scene as viewed from our room.  It was a feast for the eyes for J…
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