Sonoita Winery

Who said you can’t have wineries in the middle of the desert.  Sonoita, located an hour south east of Tucson, proves that you can (though the wines leave much to be desired).

Yes, these are grape vines.
We got a chance to check out 2 wineries for some wine tasting (only 2 because we had to drive back to Tucson).  The first one was Dos Cabezas located right off route 83.  They charged $7 per person for wine tasting plus the wine glass, which you can take with you to the other wineries for tasting.  The fee came as a surprise as I didn’t think wineries would charge you for tasting, and according to J they didn’t in Napa Valley back in the late 90s when he went.  Most of the wines were red blends and tasted too spicy/acidic for me, and I was surprised that each bottle was going for $20-28 (and that there were takers).  I would have pegged the wines to be around $7.99.  Cafayate wines are 10 times better and only cost a fraction of the price.
Out of all the wine glasses we saw other people get from the other wineries, Dos Cabeza had the nicest ones.

Kief-Joshua was the next one we hit.

Fancier building, but the wines were just as mediocre (or it could just be that I don’t like any other grapes aside from cabernet sauvignon).  This place only cost us $3 each since we already had the wine glasses from Dos Cabezas.  J asked what kind of grapes they were growing, and the owner listed a bunch of them (e.g., tempranillo, mourvedre, petit verdot) because apparently they’re still trying to figure out which grapes are best for their particular terroir.
The interior

So what were the highlights of the trip?  The experience itself, lunch at Canela, and the baby lamb.

Canela is located next door to Dos Cabezas.
Cozy outdoor seating
Yummy eggs benedict
A reminder never to eat unwrapped anything.
Finally, a 6-day old lamb we saw at Kief-Joshua.
Baby lamb in action…
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