Partial Credit

So I still haven’t completely given up on the idea of cooking for J.  It just takes time and baby steps.  Yesterday, I (we) made sushi.  It took me an hour to cut the cucumber into strips (luckily no one was starving at the time), and things were going well until I started working the unripened avocado (note to self – buy ripened avocados).  Then J took over the prepping.

I did all the wrapping and rolling…
J cut it into pieces.  Not the prettiest bunch of sushi, as you can see the uneven amounts of tuna in each piece.  I personally would not pay money to eat this.
Paired with the Luigi Bosca 2007 Pinot Noir we got at Costco.  I was able to detect hints of chocolate on the nose, and I was actually right.  Maybe my sense of smell is improving.  As for on the palate, you can’t go wrong guessing cherry (9 times out of 10 it’s cherry).  This Pinot Noir actually went well with the sushi.

{After the meal}
Me: So would you count this as a meal I cooked?
J: You helped.
Me: I helped?!  Why isn’t it the other way around?
J: OK, fine.

So, I get partial credit.  Like I said, baby steps.
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