El Tour De South Tucson

Having lived in Tucson for the last 4 years we never had the desire to visit places south of the U of A, mostly because South Tucson conjures up images of cholos and drive by shootings.  That is until the sister-in-law sent us an article featuring eateries on 12th Ave in South Tucson.  When it comes to food, nothing will stand between J and his empanadas, including these guys…

So, today I risked my life for the team and hit a couple of places…

First stop, Oasis Fruit Cones.  Notice the metal screens covering the entire storefront.  Very reassuring…
However, their raspados are better than the ones we get at the mall.
While sitting outside the store enjoying my snow cone and watching all the low riders drive by, I couldn’t help but feel like a sitting duck (dressed in bright pink).

Next stop was BK.  This joint is similar to El Guero Canelo, serving up steak tacos and Sonoran hot dogs.  The original El Guero Canelo is actually located diagonally across the street from BK.
Yum!  Carne asada, pastor, and fish tacos…
With the condiments piled high…
However, if you want authentic mexican tacos, you can catch a shuttle to Hermosillo.

Finally for dessert, we quickly stopped in La Estrella.  Again, note the metal bars outside the entrance…
Various baked goods…
How shall I put it?  NYC subway churros taste ten times better.  You can probably skip this place.

We made it out of South Tucson in an hour, and more importantly in one piece no less.  Would I go back?  Probably not since El Guero Canelo has a branch closer to us if we ever want steak tacos.  As for raspados, why would anyone need that when you’ve got this…
We saw this outside of Lee Lee for the first time today.  Unfortunately, they were having power issues so we couldn’t try it.  Rest assured we’ll be there next week.
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2 Responses to El Tour De South Tucson

  1. whoa! everything looks so good! I WANT TO GO THERE FOR THE ICE CREAM ICE AND FRESH FRUITS!

  2. L.Y. says:

    It's nothing but freshly diced mango and Breyer's vanilla ice cream on top of shaved ice and mango nectar. You can make your own raspado in the safety of your own home.

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