Re-thinking Wine

Heard this piece on NPR during my drive home – Chilean Wine Wins Blind Taste Test.  A recent blind tasting in NYC involving 70+ critics pitted some Chilean wines against well-known French and California wines (all 2006 vintage).  The results were surprising to say the least.  

The Errazuriz Kai from Chile (retails for $80) beat out everyone else.
Vina Errazuriz Carmenere Kai Aconcagua Valley
Including Opus One ($150),
2006 Opus One Napa Valley Proprietary Red
and Chateau Lafite-Rothschild ($600)
Chateau Lafite-Rothschild  2006

So what does this mean?  Keep drinking that cheap wine that we love because we’re all none the wiser.  If Robert Parker, the leading US wine critic specializing in Bordeaux, couldn’t differentiate left bank from right bank wines, how can the rest of us tell the difference between an $80-bottle wine and a $600-bottle wine.  Just imagine you’re drinking Lafite the next time you’re sipping out of that $15-bottle wine that you picked up at Costco.  It’s all good…especially after you’ve had that 2nd or 3rd glass.
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