Got Caught

{Me, stealthily trying to put on my new shoes this morning}
J {coming up from behind me}: Are those new shoes?
Me {heart thumping}: Uh…yeah…
J: When d’you get those?
Me {sheepishly}: Uh…last week…
J {looking at my feet in the shoes}: How come all your shoes have toe cleavage?
Me: Because it’s hard to tell when you buy online.
J {shaking his head}: 浪費錢.
Me {walking out the door}: These retail for $288 and I got them for 37 bucks!
J: Does that mean I can get a Ferrari if it’s 20 grand?
Me: Sure!

I’m going to have to curb the shoe buying for the moment, because even though I got a deal on the shoes, I almost had a heart attack this morning.  Not worth it.

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3 Responses to Got Caught

  1. ahahahahahhahahaa. i am dying right now you added more cramps to my already painful crampy day.

  2. L.Y. says:

    Seriously, I don't know why I should feel so guilty on the occasional 'splurges'. How was your trip to CA?

  3. It was good! I am looking into jobs out there too! = )

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