Sign Of The Times

Brought the kids to Petco for their Bordatella shots today.  When we went 6 months ago we were the only customer there at the time.  Today, there were 10 other dogs and 2 cats waiting to get their shots.  I surmised it’s the recession; all the owners are skipping the pets’ vet visits and just getting the necessary shots.  Mocha was supposed to see her vet to evaluate the lump on her tail, but I pushed it off until next time because the lump was actually softening.  I figured that was a good sign.  The last thing I need is for her doctor to stick a needle in there and have it get infected again.  Then I’ll have to hem & haw and try to get out of buying the antibiotics directly from her, but instead calling it into the pharmacy under J’s name.

The kids waiting for the go ahead to eat their biscuit…
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2 Responses to Sign Of The Times

  1. hahhaha the pic is kind of cute. why is truffalo so skinny?

  2. L.Y. says:

    This is when he was still a puppy, so still in the process of filling out.

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