For The Wine Lovers

Now is your chance.  Thanks to the recession, California wineries have stockpiles of wine they can’t sell.  

The value of these [wines] is solely dependent upon being able to sell them, and these days, almost no one is buying.

The handful of impending winery foreclosures already announced in a recent San Francisco Chronicle article are just the beginning. 

“Let me tell you the scariest thing I have seen in a long time.  A few weeks ago I was walking through one of California’s largest wine warehouses, and it was unbelievable what a shitpile of wine is sitting in there.  I’m talking big name wineries with unbelievably huge levels of stock.  I looked closer and it’s 06’s, 05’s, and row and rows, pallets and pallets of this stuff.  Wines priced anywhere from thirty to a hundred dollars, mostly Napa but a lot of Sonoma too.  Hundreds and hundreds of cases.”

So what does this mean for us wine drinkers?  Bargains!  Wines Til Sold Out is where you can find wines priced 30-70% off retail.  Time to stock up that wine fridge…

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