Me + Free Time + Ebay

Is a lethal combination to J’s wallet.  

I pride myself as someone who’s sensible and doesn’t spend much money buying things.  However, I have my achilles’ heel…SHOES.  Mind you, I don’t buy just any pair of shoes.  I like to buy shoes only under one circumstance, and that is when I think I’ve gotten a great deal on a pair of quality shoes.  Example?  A pair of shoes that normally retails for hundreds of dollars, and I get it  for under $50.  
The easy part is buying it.  The hard part is keeping it from J’s eagle eyes.

J: Are those new shoes?
Me (playing dumb): No silly, I’ve had these for a while*.
J: Don’t lie to me.
Me: I’m not lying, you just haven’t noticed because you’re too busy on your computer.
(Then I rush out the door, claiming to be late for work).

So I got myself a pair of Kate Spade sling backs today for $49.98 (normally retails for $275), and we’ll see how long I can get away without being caught.

* ‘A while’ denotes any length of time longer than a millisecond.

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2 Responses to Me + Free Time + Ebay

  1. i'm calling him right now…

  2. L.Y. says:

    I actually showed him a photo of the shoes (but didn't tell him I got it), and he actually said it looked nice. Maybe I'll be able to get away with it unscathed.

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