The Numbers Are In

And I win!  We got our cholesterol levels back today, and all I have to say is I have better genes. Here are our numbers:

                                            Me                  J
Total Cholesterol:                  174               194
Triglycerides:                         41                 99
HDL (good cholesterol):          85                 68
LDL (bad cholesterol):             81               112

J’s all up in arms in disbelief because I’m the one having butter with my morning bagels, and sometimes an egg a day for an entire week.  Not to mention when we have steak, he carves out all the fat, while I consume everything, grisle and all.

To celebrate his acceptable (and my exceptional) cholesterol numbers, we went ahead and split a Double Down Sandwich from KFC today just to try.

This looks nothing like the advertisement
It was tasty (smokey with a hint of spice); but in all honesty, for $5.39 it wasn’t worth it.  It’s just 2 fried chicken breasts with 2 slivers of bacon and 2 slices of cheese.  You could get a bucket of 10 for $9.99.

Since half of a sandwich each wasn’t enough, we ended up going home to polish off the rest of our dinner.

Spaghetti with sausage for the one with the exceptional cholesterol numbers i.e., me
…and salad for J
Now he’s all paranoid about what he eats…
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2 Responses to The Numbers Are In

  1. well all that dressing isn't any good either right?

  2. L.Y. says:

    That's what I told him, but he told me not to nag.

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