Taking A Break From Kdrama

I’m watching this new Taiwanese show ‘Down With Love’ (就想賴着你), starring Ella Chen and Jerry Yan.  That’s right, Jerry from F4.  Ten years later, he doesn’t look a day older, but his acting skills have definitely improved since his 流星花園 days.  


I wonder if my mother-in-law still has his life size cutout…

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6 Responses to Taking A Break From Kdrama

  1. No! She doesn't, she actually took it home for me! hahahahaha I threw it out when we moved out of the old apt.

  2. L.Y. says:

    See how much she loves you : ) A Jerry Yan cutout beats out 臘鴨 any day.

  3. is that lop ngop in chinese? ummm you're like my drama recommender. every drama you watch, i start watching now. CRAZY!

  4. L.Y. says:

    Yes it is lop ngop (didn't know how to spell it, and apparently your brother didn't either). I only recommend the best. I filter out all the garbage for you.

  5. L.Y. says:

    Don't you regret throwing out the cutout now?

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