Lesson Learned…Over And Over And Over…

So we have a wedding to go to in September of this year.  Since J and I have been stuck in the boondocks in the past 4 years, we haven’t really needed to buy any nice clothing, shoes, accessories, etc.  I realized it was time to spruce up the wardrobe in time for the wedding.  

During my search I came across this clutch…

I thought, “How pretty!”  Naturally I showed it to J and asked if it was OK to get it, knowing very well that he was going to ‘veto’.

J: No.
Me: But I never get to have anything this pretty.
J: You’re pretty and that’s all that matters.

I have to sheepishly admit that that momentarily sent my heart aflutter and stopped me dead in my tracks.  我被他甜言蜜語唬過頭了!  Once I regained my senses, I realized I had the wool pulled over my eyes.  By then it was too late.  The conversation was over; because as soon as you pause, you lose all momentum.  After 6 years of marriage, J has mastered the art of ending a conversation and rendering me speechless.  

I’ll learn, eventually.
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2 Responses to Lesson Learned…Over And Over And Over…

  1. ewww i want to throw up. so mushy! ummmm who's wedding are you going to? where is it?

  2. L.Y. says:

    It's less about what he said, it's more about his tactic.One of our college friends is getting married in SF.

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