My Schizophrenic Self

For the past year, I’ve had my heart set on not re-certifying after my board certification is up at the end of next year because I didn’t want to take the test again.  In the meantime I’ve been trying to figure out what I could do other than medicine.  

  • Go to vet school?  No, too many years of schooling, plus I don’t think I’d get in.  
  • Be a vet tech?  I’d be able to get in, but it’s another 2 years.  
  • Go back into radiology residency?  Too many long hours.  
  • Retire?  It’s no fun if J’s still working.    
  • Continue to practice without being re-certified?  Have been having nightmares about what I would do after losing certification.  
  • Be a house wife?  I’d rather be skinned alive than cook.

Finally, I decided the path of least resistance was to grin & bear it, take the damn test, and get re-certified.  Sucks balls, but it seems like the easiest way out.  So this whole year of internal wrangling and debating had all been for naught.  

I can’t really complain too much about my job (aside from some of the questionable characters that walk into the office), because where else can I find another job that allows me to tell the staff to block the first half an hour on certain mornings so that I can get my morning runs in.  Plus I have to admit that I do feel a sense of obligation to some of my patients, and would not want to leave them high and dry without a PCP if I do exit the field early, especially when there’s already a shortage of primary care doctors.

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