Getting Paid To Run

Ever since J found the dollar bill on one of our runs, I started keeping my eyes glued to the ground.  Last week I found 2 pennies near one of the high schools.  This week I found 71 cents near one of the other high schools.  What’s the moral of the story?  Run around the high schools and you’re bound to find some money.  I’m not sure what happened to these coins (either the kids defaced them on purpose, or they got ‘run over’ one too many times by the cars)…

Not sure where I can use this coin.  Perhaps feed the meter when we’re in San Diego.

There is a down side to running with your head down.  You tend to run into things.  Today, I had the dubious honor of running into one of these…
Yes, a cholla with needles that pierced through my running cap.
And to make the situation even more hilarious (at least to the cyclist who witnessed the whole thing), I banged my head against the edge of a sign post immediately after running into the cholla.  So will this teach me a lesson?  I think not, because the joy of finding free money beats out any kind of pain and suffering (and humiliation).  Plus, as I ran the remaining 10 miles with the thorns stuck to my head, I realized pain is overrated.
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2 Responses to Getting Paid To Run

  1. HAHHAHAHAHA! You big dork! You will start to pick up your head again, when you bang into something that will cause damage and needing to pay out of your pocket for it! Which these coins will definitely not be enough to pay for the bill.

  2. L.Y. says:

    I'm not even sure those coins will be accepted by the parking meter…

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