Starvation Begins

For the next few months I will be a single woman.  Thanks to a game called ‘Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty’.  If you know anything about Starcraft, you’ll know that this is the long awaited sequel to ‘Starcraft’, which was released in 1998.  
No, ‘Starcraft II’ hasn’t been released, but J got invited last night by one of his well-connected friends to test the beta version.  He’s been waiting for this game for over a decade, so you’ll understand what that entails for me for the next few months.  I will essentially be left on my own, and possibly go hungry.  Since J will be glued to the computer screen playing this game, chances are I’ll have to ‘cook’ for myself, and we all know what that means.  It’s time to stock up on that instant noodle!  Or, I can simply ebay his game access code to ensure my own survival.  Any bidders?

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2 Responses to Starvation Begins

  1. good luck! i just made some curry fishballs, roasted some spare ribs and boiled some veg… sucks that you don't live in NYC!

  2. L.Y. says:

    Maybe you should move in with us :DActually, he hasn't been as obsessed with the game as I thought he'd be.

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