Tucson Day 2

Dropped off V&M at the Phoenix airport this morning.  One thing’s for sure and that is Mocha will start moping around the house now that everyone’s gone.

Here’s Mocha waiting for her ‘playmates’ outside the guest bathroom.
Finally getting to play…

Yesterday we got a chance to see a part of Tucson I’ve never seen before in the last 4 years, only because they were located way south of Tucson proper.

San Xavier Mission built by the Spaniards in the 1800s on Native American (Wa:k) land.
The South Tower
The interior – not quite as intricate as those in European churches and cathedrals.

We later went to the Titan Missile Museum, where the US used to house the Titan nuclear missile during the cold war between the 60s and 80s.  The missile silo was later decommissioned in the mid 80s, and now houses the missile without the warhead.  The tour was actually quite educational and I wouldn’t mind going back for another visit.
Control Center
Walking down one of the underground corridors.

No aerospace tour would be complete without visiting the Pima Airspace Museum, which I’ve been to once before.

Starr Bumblebee – is listed as the smallest biplane in the Guinness book.
Lockheed SR-71A BlackBird – the fastest jet, with a max speed of Mach 3+ (2,193mph); can get you from New York to London in 1 hour and 55 minutes.
The Super ‘Guppy’ – my favorite plane thanks to its ridiculous appearance and name; is used to transport NASA space vehicle components.
Skycrane – another one of my favorites due to it’s unique appearance.
The museum also had an exhibit dedicated to WWII Air Force troops.  Saw this poignant sign:
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