El Niño

We’ve been having some crazy weather patterns this winter.  Instead of dry sunny days, we’ve been having a rather wet and cold season.  Thanks to El Niño, the drought condition has eased in most of AZ.  However, I did not move here from NYC to experience NYC weather.  I’ll admit I was getting a little tired of the clear blue skies and bright sunny days, and was secretly relishing the rain when it first started; but this is a bit too much.

Clouds ‘cropping off’ the mountain tops…
I want the blinding sun back!

As a result of the 24-hr rain fall, the dogs have managed to avoid their baths, and now their aunt and uncle will be arriving this afternoon.  Maybe when the weather clears up tomorrow, we’ll give the kids a bath (perhaps this time around I’ll make aunt V wash the dogs’ butts, since I always ended up washing our dog’s butt when we were growing up, and she always got the ‘cleaner end’ of the dog, i.e., the head).

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