Romance Is Dead

I’m currently watching ‘Pasta’, and seeing the 2 main characters in the initial stages of ‘dating’ brings back fond memories of when J and I started dating.  In the beginning, both parties were unsure of how the other was feeling and thinking, so it added an element of thrill & excitement whenever we saw each other.  After having been married for 6+ years, that thrill is now replaced by uncanny ability to read each other’s mind.  So while watching the show, I wondered to myself if it was possible to reproduce that ‘spine-tingling’ excitement in a 6-year old marriage.

Me: Hey let’s start ‘dating’ again.
{without missing a beat}
J: Sure, you’re buying.

I guess that answers my question.

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6 Responses to Romance Is Dead

  1. you got a romantic guy there…

  2. L.Y. says:

    He fooled me when we first started dating.

  3. you should've interview his family members before committing to the relationship.

  4. L.Y. says:

    Mine was a crush 10 years in the making. There was no way anyone could have said to convince me otherwise.

  5. gross! i want to throw up!

  6. L.Y. says:

    How about this…I am indebted to your mom and dad for have J πŸ˜€

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