Chinese Men Need Not Apply

The Chinese Olympic Team does not really need male competitors as the women basically carried the team this year, with the women winning 8 of the 9 medals (excluding pairs skating).  It’s been terribly frustrating watching the Chinese men compete in this year’s games.  Congrats to all the female gold medalists; and to the silver and bronze medalists, even though you gals didn’t win, know that you’re light years ahead of the men!  

After seeing Wang Meng’s performance, I believe she has every right to be cocky.  Evan Lysacek is getting himself an Aston Martin after winning only one gold.  Wang Meng, after having won 3 golds and being the second most accomplished athlete (behind Marit Bjorgen of Norway) in this year’s games, I believe you deserve that Bugatti Veyron!

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