Dad Was Right

When he said, “生女兒比生兒子好” (it’s better to have daughters than to have sons).  The Chinese Olympics team has born out that claim.  Just look at all the Chinese medal winners.  After you exclude the pair skaters, 6 out of the 7 medals were won by the women.  

What’s up with the dudes?  In my opinion, I blame it on the fact that Chinese parents put too much importance on having sons, and when they do have sons they coddle them.  Daughters are treated like an afterthought…”Oh, you’re still here?  I guess I should feed you too.”  Perhaps this biased treatment early on in life compel women to become more driven while the men fall by the wayside.  Interestingly, we are seeing this trend in the US (with more women than men in colleges), so perhaps this has nothing to do with ‘misplaced values and partial treatment’ but boils down to the fact that 2 Xs are just stronger than one X and a weak Y.

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