It’s All About The Gold…

Have been neglecting the blog because I’ve been too busy keeping up with the Olympics.  Not only have I been neglecting the blog, I’ve also managed to neglect my Kdrama, the dogs, and the husband.

During every Olympics I pay close attention to the medal counts for each country, and what really irks me is that they always rank the countries based on total medals earned.  I don’t believe that’s how they should do the ranking.  It ideally should be based on total gold medals won.  Why?  Because a bronze medal means you’re a little bit better than the rest of the losers; and a silver medal means you’re just not good enough.  Only the gold medalist is the true winner.  Most would argue that the spirit of the Games is not about winning, but about participating in the sports.  Then, why do we bother having gold, silver, and bronze.  Just participate for the fun of it.

There’s been a lot of talk about Apolo Ohno being the greatest US winter Olympian (beating out Bonnie Blaire) because of his seven medals won so far in his career.  However, to extrapolate my argument, I would beg to differ.  Bonnie Blaire beats him hands down given that of the 6 medals she won, 5 of them were gold.  Ohno?  Only 2 out of the seven were gold.

At the end of the day, only gold matters.  Everyone else gets the consolation prize in the form of ‘the spirit of the Games’.

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